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California Dreaming

Today we took some time away from day-to-day business to think about our friends, family, and colleagues who are living with the devastating reality of wildfires. We encourage everyone to tag someone who shares our love of the outdoors and an outdoor lifestyle, and spread the message to do whatever is in your power, no matter how small, to make a difference.

We all have a special connection to California, so our thoughts centered on what Californians are going through. But a quick search revealed a map showing 1885 active fires from the Western tip of Washington to the eastern corner of Texas. Basically, all of the American West.

When news like this hits, it's easy to feel sad and helpless. Instead of giving in to that, we wanted to honor our neighbors in California, and everywhere fires are burning, by keeping them in our thoughts, and finding a way to help.

For our part, we'll be donating 20% of this week's sales to American Forests, and requesting that it be earmarked for planting more trees in California. It's just a small piece of what we hope will be an outpouring of support. 

Please boost the signal, this one's important.