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LumberUnion in the News!

LU Leadership Team in Seattle

This week, LumberUnion founder Anthony Bergin spoke to the Puget Sound Business Journal to talk about some exciting leadership additions to our team, and big initiatives that are in progress.

Anthony shared that incoming CEO Barry Miguel and Global Chief Strategist Andrea Bernholtz will assume their roles October 1, 2018, and that his new title will be Chief Development Officer for LumberUnion Entertainment, the company's newly established media arm.

LU Entertainment will produce a television show, "7AM on a Saturday", which exhibits the best of the PNW, and encourages people to enjoy good food with friends in the great outdoors. It will also be producing a series of profiles on unique and interesting individuals, music videos, and an animated series spoofing some of the quirks of modern Seattle and Pacific Northwest life, among other projects.

For the full story, see the article in the Puget Sound Business Journal.