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LumberUnion Plants Trees, Pushes Fashion Forward and Claims Plaid for Its Own

Seattle, WA – The new spirit of the Pacific Northwest. LumberUnion is a bold approach that environmental entrepreneur and LumberUnion Founder Anthony Bergin is confident the world has been waiting for. LumberUnion is a way to look good, feel good, and do good.

Bergin says, “My number one focus is to build a culture of collaboration, for the greater good – whether that is our people, our fashion, or our environment.” Noticing that plaid is a common pattern across demographics. The company is taking the Lumberjack/buffalo plaid pattern and elevating it, giving it more fitted, tailored and elegant appeal to create a more fashion-forward version of the traditional style. The company has introduced a limited line of super soft organic cotton tees/track and accessories for men and women and a full line of headwear. Besides plaid, LumberUnion is elevating the apparel supply chain to add value to communities, increase clothing quality, and guarantee best and ethical business practices, which embodies the people behind the brand.

Bergin says, "We are committed to innovating a made in America brand down to the dye, button, and zipper." Working with institutions, governments, and non-profit organizations, the company intends to elevate every part of the economic footprint of the fashion industry supply chain. “I saw an opportunity to do something different across the board and I knew it was time to do it,” Bergin adds. “I have high expectations for our brand to create change in the quality and responsibility of the fashion industry, and I expect everyone else to have those same expectations.” The brand has a popup store at Pacific Place, in the heart of Downtown Seattle and is searching for its new home closer to Pike Place Market. The company intends on becoming a digital brand with the exception of developing a Seattle based experience flagship store.

LumberUnion is also developing a multimedia platform that's being designed to share experiences from inside the company as well as collaborators and storytellers associated with the brand. In May 2018, LumberUnion began a unique partnership with that celebrates an elevates made in America brands.

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