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Here at LumberUnion, we are dedicated to reducing negative environmental effects caused from within the fashion industry. We do this by making strategic manufacturing decisions and working with to replant American forests. We continue to raise the industry standard for how we manufacture garments by making sure that all the materials for our garments are sourced directly from responsible partners that only use non-GMO and organic textiles. Additionally, we are committed to exclusively partnering with the highest caliber manufacturers that do not have connections with sweatshops or child labor.

Furthermore, we work alongside American Forests, the nation’s oldest national non-profit conservation organization to replant trees across America. With every purchase made through LumberUnion, we will donate to American Forests to plant trees on your behalf. In addition to advocating for the protection and expansion of America’s forests, they have planted more than 45 million trees since 1990. Guided by science, American Forests chooses the right mix of trees for each specific location, taking into account the best trees to act as windbreaks, filter water, which trees will provide safe wildlife habitats, and are the most suitable for city streets and parks.

Planting one, or ten trees makes a huge difference. On average, one mature tree will produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen every year, which is enough oxygen for two people. Each tree can hold approximately 43 pounds of carbon dioxide, slowing the greenhouse effect and rising temperatures around the world. One tree is also able to intercept roughly 760 gallons of rainwater in its lifetime, reducing stormwater runoff, erosion, and flooding.