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LumberUnion – Leading the Change

The fashion industry has long been dominated by large conglomerates whose focus has been on quick mass production of apparel, churning out millions of cheaply made garments. Demand better in your clothing and the companies that are making garments. At LumberUnion, we know what you want – quality clothing responsibility made that looks and feels amazing. From farm to hanger, we craft sustainable clothing that lasts.

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The slow shift away from Fast Fashion

LumberUnion women's t-shirt fanny bag

“Fast fashion” refers to inexpensive, popular fashion that takes designs from the runway and quickly produces them cheaply for consumer consumption. As one of the dirtiest industries in the world, fashion is tied with oil at being the worst offender in increasing climate change. Over the past year, “Slow fashion” has generated 90 million social impressions suggesting the beginning of a shift in shopping behaviors.

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