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Mindful Shopping - Green Friday

LumberUnion Green Friday sale

The busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday lands annually on the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally kicks off shopping for the Holiday season. A day known for deep discounts and deals, shoppers queue in long lines and await store openings to get great discounts. As Black Friday has become engrained in modern culture, deals are found both online and as well as in traditional brick and mortar retailers, to incentivize people to shop with abandon on Black Friday and throughout the weekend.

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Injecting technology leadership into apparel – LumberUnion leads the way

Apparel brands have had to adapt and get out of the “business as usual” mode, LumberUnion has taken this transformation to the next level. Early this year, the company placed tech and finance leader Shane Boudreau into the role of CEO. Reshaping, rethinking the way they do business, LumberUnion had to rethink the end to end apparel process of the typical apparel company and change it to behave like an agile market-responsive leading tech company.

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LumberUnion – Leading the Change

The fashion industry has long been dominated by large conglomerates whose focus has been on quick mass production of apparel, churning out millions of cheaply made garments. Demand better in your clothing and the companies that are making garments. At LumberUnion, we know what you want – quality clothing responsibility made that looks and feels amazing. From farm to hanger, we craft sustainable clothing that lasts.

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