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Mindful Shopping - Green Friday

LumberUnion Green Friday sale

The busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday lands annually on the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally kicks off shopping for the Holiday season. A day known for deep discounts and deals, shoppers queue in long lines and await store openings to get great discounts. As Black Friday has become engrained in modern culture, deals are found both online and as well as in traditional brick and mortar retailers, to incentivize people to shop with abandon on Black Friday and throughout the weekend.

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Online Shopping Growth

Research done by omnichannel inventory management firm Brightpearl has revealed that one-third of consumers polled say they have been “let down by an online order since the COVID-19 crisis,” while 45 percent of shoppers said online deliveries “are taking longer to arrive.” This presents an opportunity for retailers to focus on their ecommerce presence and order fulfillment in a time when consumers are increasingly relying on online shopping for purchases.

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